tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2016

You know Tappara?

Ugandalainen kummipoikani Joseph täyttää toukokuussa seitsemän vuotta. Olen saanut Josephilta piirrustuksen ja Community Volunteerilta kirjeen. Alkaa tulla paineita kirjoittaa Josephille.

Dear Joseph,

Warm greetings from Heidi. I am fine and I hope you and your family are fine too.

It is +9 degrees Celsius in Tampere, what is the temperature in Uganda? Do you have a thermometer? I don't have. I can see the weather forcast in my iPhone.

We have thousands of lakes in Finland. How many lakes you have in Uganda?

I have two sisters and two children who are adults now. I have farther and mother too. They look younger than I.  I have a cat. Her name is Kerttu. Kerttu likes me because I give her Sheba catfood. I have few friends too. No boyfriend.

We have important ice hockey games in Finland just now. You know Tappara?

Thank you for the nice picture you sent me.

Happy birthday!

Best wishes,


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